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Data Business Analyst

Arlington, VA · Information Technology
Direct hire job.  Seeking mid to senior level Data Business Analyst.  Hybrid role with office location in Arlington, VA - 2/3 days a week in office required(Rosslyn metro stop).   Pay target range from $110,000-$140,000 with full benefits but will depend on experience.  Excellent RDBMS, communication, documentation and client facing experience required.

Are you extremely proficient at moving, manipulating, and managing data in relational databases? Do you enjoy breaking down the complex things to make them simple? Can you track your work and keep your promises?

Firm is looking for an extraordinary person to join our Implementation Team as a Senior Data Engineer. You will like to work with customers on requirements and wow them with the data. As an Analyst, you will use professional tools to manipulate data and achieve shared understanding.

Our software application is a low-code credentialing management system that allows strong Analysts to go from being the person who “gets it” to becoming the person that “gets it and gets it done.” Our customers include small certification and licensure boards as well as large and complex organizations and the federal government. If you love working with customers and data, to push an implementation to the finish line, this job is for you.

What you’ll do

On a given day, you will complete any of the following tasks:
  • Evaluate client requirements for data migration and customer ad hoc projects;
  • Write SQL scripts, queries, and stored procedures to extract and import data;
  • Translate, merge, scrub and map data into conceptual, logical and physical data models;
  • Validate data migration and mappings;
  • Facilitate client reviews and update routines as needed;
  • Communicate project timelines internally and externally;
  • Develop complex reports using SQL, Microsoft Office and other utilities or languages as necessary;
  • Perform ad hoc and structured data analysis;
  • Identify data issues proactively and flag them to respective stakeholders;
  • Work with internal teams to ensure project continuity;
  • Leave breadcrumbs of your work using clear documentation;
  • Follow best practices to preserve the integrity, quality, and security of data at all times; and
  • Use data to answer stakeholder questions as required;
Key indicators of success in this role are attention to detail, structured problem solving, documentation-first mindset, and commitment to continuous improvement. You will have proven teamwork and communication skills, passion for delighting the customer, and an awareness of when and how to ask for help when you need it.

Who you are

Good Technical Analysts share some common characteristics:
  • You learn quickly. You take in information like a sponge. You get things before other people. You grasp what people are saying even if they aren’t saying it quite right. You internalize information quickly so you can reflect it back to your collaborators efficiently. You’re the one who sees the patterns and can help others see them, too..
  • You hunger for the “why”? You know that the more you understand the reasons behind decisions, the better you can help. You help others make decisions by helping them grapple with inconsistencies and details they hadn’t thought of.
  • You love data. Data speaks to you and tells a story. You read the story and adjust the ending as needed to get the desired result.
  • You are supremely well organized. You know what you have to accomplish and you give yourself the space to do things right. You know how to negotiate a new request with a smile so it gets done when it needs to get done. You rarely work late or on week-ends. You’ve set realistic expectations for when things will get done and given yourself buffer for the unexpected. People count on you to keep your promises.
  • You love working with people. You build relationships with people to get things done. You aren’t afraid to ask questions of senior people when you get stuck. You love helping more junior people think through how to do better. Clients know you will find a way to help. You know how to run meeting that makes good use of everyone’s time.
  • You are a life-long learner. You have sources and sites that guide you to be a better professional. You love to read and are always looking for how others are doing things better.

What we’ll accomplish together

We are building a credentialing management system that is changing the way people think about certification, licensure, accreditation, and continuing competence. We are doing more than orchestrating a complex process. We give programs options they hadn’t thought of and ways to relate to their community to build relationship. People choose our application because we help them build programs that show what a credentialing program can be. To be successful, we need to build a great product, a great team, and a great community of customers.

You will be an implementer and a customer. You will influence the direction of the product because you will know your clients' needs and you will know how best to meet them. You will provide clear guidance and requirements to help the Product team build the right product.

We will build a great Team by surrounding you with people who share your values and are harnessed to a common cause. You will bring your vision, skill, and drive to be part of something greater than yourself. You will do your “job” and you’ll always be thinking about how we could do something better. You’ll look around the field, find empty space, and go there to have an impact.

We will build a great community of customers together as you become a valued resource for your clients. Customers will refer their industry colleagues to you because of how transformative you have been for them. Customers will know you look out for their best interest and will provide unmatched guidance.

Firm is a technology consulting company founded in 1996 and headquartered in Arlington, VA. We are pioneers as we search for new and innovative ways to solve problems; we act intentionally to deliver predictable success; we achieve excellence as a team. We value diversity and seek people that will show up every single day ready to make a fresh contribution.

Our software application is our state-of-the-art credentialing management platform that is used by certification, accreditation, and licensing organizations. Over 1,000,000 licensed and credentialed practitioners use our application to manage their credentials. It is a remarkable product supported by a remarkable team.

Come join us!

Benefits include 3 weeks PTO, Health Insurance, FSA, 401k matching, bonus, insurance and more.


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