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Computer Technician – Audio Visual

Washington, DC · Information Technology
Seeking Audio Visual Help Desk contractor.  Pay range from $25-30hr 1099.   Location is Washington, DC at a major museum.  Must be able to pass drug test and background check.  You do not need everything listed below, but at a minimum you will have A/V and help desk related experience.
Job Title: Computer Technician - Audio Visual
Location: US-DC-Washington 

This position is that of Computer Technician located at major museum in DC.


Computer Interactive Design:  45%
Actively participates in the exhibition development process, attending team meetings and interacting with educators, designers and curators to design, test, and install computer interactive exhibits that communicate complex history and technology to a general audience.
Creates, integrates and trouble shoots complex software and hardware configurations for applications in interactive museum exhibit components. Develops and writes program instructions (code) and analyzes program modules.
Works independently and with the senior computer technician, to determine operating parameters for computer applications and equipment required for exhibition installations. Evaluates software and hardware for performance and cost and recommends selection to exhibition design team and senior computer technician for integration into exhibits systems.
Designs and constructs unique prototype electronic interface circuits / devices for interactive exhibit displays and monitor/control systems.
Computer Interactive Maintenance: 45%
Maintains computers, peripherals, and other computer driven devices for new and existing museum exhibits.
Operates, updates and modifies computer files and computer controlled exhibit programs. Maintains backup files of all computer software developed for interactive exhibit components.
Ensures proper daily operation of one or more of the following: A/V repair shops; electric/lighting repair shop; signal distribution head end; exhibit galleries.
Composes operational check lists and instructions for all new exhibit installations. Provides personal instruction when necessary.
Assists senior computer specialist in the installation and maintenance of all computer and audiovisual exhibit systems and proposes and executes upgrades and modifications.
Provides technical support for special events held within the NASM. 10%
Perform other related duties as assigned. 

Note:  You do NOT need everything below, but at a minimum, candidates should have Audio Visual / AV experience and IT Support experience in a Windows environment.  
1.         A detailed knowledge of and professional experience working with computers and electronics and knowledge of how they are used in interactive exhibition systems and real world interaction. Such knowledge includes a thorough understanding of the principles of data encoding, communications networks, touch screens, flight simulators, the WEB, and intra-machine data communications, as well as the ability to instruct junior staff and interns in these technologies.
2.         A detailed knowledge of minicomputer systems: their power configurations, operating characteristics, and operating environments. A good understanding and practical working knowledge of the principle operating systems in such systems as MSDOS and Windows. A comparable knowledge and familiarity with microcomputer languages C, HTML and BASIC. (JAVA, C++)
3.         Must have a minimum of three (3) years working experience in analog and digital electronics.
4.         Must have an understanding of alternating current electrical power distribution systems and communication signal distribution systems and installation.
5.         Must have a solid understanding of electronic theory, the principles of computer programming, audio visual projection systems (film and video) and the design characteristics, operation and functions of complex electronic systems.
1.         The incumbent receives assignments in the form of goals or desired results from the Chief of Audio Visual and the Senior Computer Specialist and independently executes procedures necessary to reach those goals.
2.         The incumbent is responsible for completing these tasks without direct supervision and plans their course of work to meet the goals. Judgments made by the incumbent will be accepted as technically accurate and will be evaluated on operational performance of finished projects and the meeting of benchmarks and deadlines.
1.         Guidelines include Institution, Museum and AV Unit directives concerning existing NASM galleries.
2.         Follows Smithsonian guidelines for purchasing equipment and services and prepares required forms.
3.         Some technical manuals are available in the office on the hardware and software used in the development and maintenance of the interactive exhibits.
4.         These information sources, at times, provide incorrect information. When documentation is not available the incumbent will have to research various sources or devise and conduct unique tests to verify the behavior of hardware/software components.
1.         Must be able to work in congested and confined area where movement and vision are restricted.
2.         Must adjust to heavy workloads and adhere to deadlines.
3.         The incumbent will provide technical reports on computer systems evaluation, system operation, and preventive maintenance schedules.
The work performed by the incumbent relates directly to the quality and reliable function of the exhibitions that effect the perception of the millions of visitors, both domestic and international, to the National Air and SpaceMuseum annually.
Contacts include NASM management, curators, docents, exhibit designers, outside vendors, maintenance staff, visitors and other exhibit personnel.
Contacts are for the purpose of obtaining, giving, exchanging, or clarifying information to insure the successful completion of the Departments goals.
Walking, bending, stretching, and moderate lifting (<70 lb.) associated with the installation of computer equipment and display devices is required. Some program updating and debugging must be done at the exhibit locations.
Work is divided between office, computer room, electronic repair shop, and exhibit galleries and at times can be dirty and dusty.
At times work will be on ladders or lifts at heights up to 60’

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